Charming Apartment in Central Stockholm Infused With Light

Charming Apartment in Central Stockholm Infused With Light

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Charming Apartment in Central Stockholm Infused With Light

Posted: 10 Dec 2016 06:00 AM PST

Charming Central Stockholm duplex

Everyday life should unfold in bright, open and ingeniously designed homes. Seen on Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör, this duplex apartment in central Stockholm provides a dose of highly appraised Scandinavian design as inspiration for those who love bright urban living spaces. The Charming central Stockholm duplex apartment spreads over a total of 55 square meters, so the design had to offer a luminous environment fit for Sweden’s long and dark winters. Under high ceilings, the apartment unravels an inviting and somehow sober living space infused with warm textures like wooden floors and stairs, cozy

The charming central Stockholm duplex apartment spreads over a total of 55 square meters, so the design had to offer a luminous environment fit for Sweden’s long and dark winters. Under high ceilings, the apartment unravels an inviting and somehow sober living space infused with warm textures like wooden floors and stairs, cozy throws and pillows, plus a comfy rug.

Charming Central Stockholm duplex (1)

Arched windows invite sunlight deep into the apartment, penetrating the lower level, while the upstairs mezzanine bedroom is flooded with light from the skylights. White walls bounce the light around, while a contrasting modern dark kitchen breaks the monotony and adds a stylish, contemporary touch to the overall appeal of this compact apartment. Not to mention there’s room for a dressing space and a cozy terrace to enjoy the brisk, fresh air.

Can you think of anything else you need to live a comfortable life in Stockholm?

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7 Easy Tips for Entertaining in Your Home

Posted: 10 Dec 2016 05:00 AM PST

We spend so much time curating and making our spaces just right, don’t we? And yet if you’re like me, you’re not entertaining nearly enough. With the holiday season in full swing, it's time to show off your space, enjoy the company of friends, and not get too caught up in the details.

The holiday season is known as the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also make you nervous to throw a casual gathering of friends — it's easy to feel as though there's extra pressure to get everything just right. That everyone's schedules are too precious for a get together that's less than spectacular.

For the holidays and all of the days, this isn't actually the case. The best gatherings are those with good kin and happy spirits (both the drinks and the emotions). So get a date on the calendar, pick out a simple menu, and get ready for an evening of fun with friends.

Here are a few tips for entertaining in your home.


Image: Curbly

1. Don't get bogged down by cleaning

The thought of cleaning alone can be enough to extinguish your party planning. Thankfully, a clean home doesn't have to mean spending hours scrubbing your floors. Here's what we do: Wipe down the surfaces that people will see and use, like tabletops. Dust anything at eye-level — think mantels and bookshelves. And get rid of any cobwebs in the corners or dust bunnies on the floor.

The one place you want to spend some time getting your clean on is in the bathroom. Guests are more likely to notice details (like dirt!) when they're alone in a space. And, come on, you know your bathroom could use it anyway.

2. Turn down the lights, and up the music.

Good ambiance is always important, and so easy to get right this time of year as it's already dark long before evening gatherings. When it comes to lighting up your party, choose anything but overhead lighting sources — table and floor lamps, string lights, and candles are perfect for this. It'll feel more relaxing for the guests, and hide the cleaning that got skipped over.

As for music, choose a station off of your favorite music streaming service and let it play DJ all night. Begin with the music at a comfortable volume, then continue to turn it down and let it serve as a background as more guests show up. Do the opposite and you're at risk of guests shouting over the tunes.   

3. Host with joy

The guests may not all know each other, but they all (presumably) know you. That being said, by staying positive and relaxed throughout the evening, your guests are bound to reciprocate the good vibes.

Start by pouring yourself a drink before anyone else arrives — welcoming guests into your home with a smile and drink in hand will make them feel comfortable instantly. Ask how they are, and take care of their coats and bags for them. If there are other people present, be sure to introduce them before tending to other tasks.

The biggest task, of course, is keeping your cool while preparing food. Choose something simple to avoid having to scramble or show any frustration with the food. Even if you're a bit worried the chicken is dry, don't broadcast your fears and mistakes about the menu to others — it's likely they won't notice anyway.

4. Don’t let appetizers intimidate

When did it become normal for hors d’oeuvres to be fancy? This isn't high tea, so don't burn yourself out cutting the crust off of tea sandwiches, or crafting several different labor-intensive appetizers on the ends of toothpicks. Save that energy for the main course.

Personally, we love to opt for a beautiful spread of cheese. Pick out 3-4 varieties (or have someone at your local cheese counter help you), add in a cured meat, a bowl of olives, and some crackers. In lieu of a fancy cheese board, a clean wooden cutting board works just fine.

Once you've got that looking nice, mess it up a bit. No one likes to be the first to dig into a beautiful spread, so take a bite of it all before anyone arrives!

5. Use place cards

Place cards make everything feel a little bit fancier, don't they? And also keep people from doing the awkward, "where should we sit dance" — Let the dancing come later.

Make a few simple place cards with a calligraphy pen and some tent-folded cardstock to add a little extra glamor to your table.

6. Time the meal right

You don't want guests to feel like they need to sit down at the table the moment they get there. You also don't want them to be standing around for too long before the main course is ready.

We say have about 45 minutes to an hour from the "start time" to when the meal is served. That leaves plenty of time for appetizers, introductions, and your friend who is always late — without having so much time that people begin to check their watches.

7. Prepare the kitchen for the aftermath

There's no way around it — you just can't keep your kitchen sparkling clean the entire night. And that's ok! After all, a messy kitchen with greasy pans and used plates is surely the sign of a wonderful time. However, there are ways you can make your cleaning process a little easier on yourself.

First and foremost, do tidy up before you get started. Clear mail and other non-essentials off of the countertop, making it easier have space throughout the night and wipe up at the end of it.

Most of all, be sure the dishwasher is clean. That way, it's ready to be loaded once the guests say their goodbyes.  While you're at it, clear the washer and dryer as well. At the end of the evening, gather up all of the table linens and toss in.

Most of all, don't stress about the cleaning. Enjoy yourself, and don't feel any remorse by simply throwing the dishes in hot, soapy water overnight and heading straight to bed.

What are you best entertaining tips? Are you throwing any holiday parties this season? We'd love to hear from you, so reach out to us in the comments below or over on our social media pages!

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Inspiring Modern Bedrooms For Kids: Colorful, Quirky, And Fun: Interior Design Ideas

Inspiring Modern Bedrooms For Kids: Colorful, Quirky, And Fun: Interior Design Ideas

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Inspiring Modern Bedrooms For Kids: Colorful, Quirky, And Fun

Posted: 09 Dec 2016 06:15 AM PST

What could be more exciting than decorating a bedroom with your creative youngsters? Although you may not be able to adopt all of their ideas (chocolate fountains and real life petting zoos are probably off the table), it’s definitely possible to incorporate their tastes and preferences into a design that parents and kids alike can enjoy. This post looks at several childhood bedrooms that go beyond everyday expectations. After you check out the incredible photos below, make sure to check out this list of kid’s room wall decor to enhance your scrapbook of ideas.

Visualizer: Anya Abramova  

Colorful and eclectic, this bedroom design would be sure to appeal to young boys and girls alike – and even teens might secretly harbor a little jealousy at some of the more creative features within. This mini tour opens with a look at the colorful study area, complete with an a-frame table and whimsical patchwork chair, a window seating area covering expansive storage in the background.

But a glance over the rest of the room reveals so much more fun to enjoy. The jungle gym offers a fun way to exercise, leading up to a cool netted ceiling where the kids can sit and look over their playtime empire below.

Composed of polka dots on plywood, the world map makes for a fabulous accent wall with educational appeal. Chalkboards, whiteboards, and corkboards offer a place to showcase creative activities.

Even the bed area has some creative inspiration to offer. Shelves house books for bedtime stories, cute planters hang from rungs, and a stylish wooden monkey appropriately takes advantage of the ladder.

Visualizer: Artyom Bezfamilniy  

This bedroom takes a more minimalistic approach compared to the previous one, but it’s not the “stark” type of minimalist popular with hardcore design fans – this style demonstrates a fresh and clean aesthetic with plenty of room for imagination. Bright yellow accents pop out from the backdrop of blue and pink pastels, with adorable animal characters prompting immediate smiles wherever found.

Most inspiring is the bold graphic details. Strings of star-shaped lights rain down from the cutout cloud and mountaintop silhouettes adorn the cabinet doors, a neat little wonderland to explore.

Mountain peaks recur as a way to decorate an otherwise plain wooden wardrobe. The bedframe is a cool detail that makes the bed feel closer and smaller. A little lamp stands by in case bad dreams awaken the little one.

Overall, the look is exceptionally modern and sure to garner the approval of stylish parents and children alike.

Visualizer: Artyom Bezfamilniy  

Here’s another charismatic child’s bedroom from the same designer. Forms and furniture remain just as simple as before, but the color theme is noticeably brighter and more powerful. Color blocking distinguishes each functional space in creative ways. Bunny rabbits and owls – both realistic and cartoonish – make up a large part of the overall decorative theme.

And, of course, a few playfully quirky choices really stand out. The llama portrait is unexpected and so very delightful, and the alarm clock and planter combination is something most adults would want for their own office.

The capital “A” bookshelf is an undeniable focal point of the room. Toys, books, and animal figures line the shelves – but the real stars are the expressive storage boxes down below!

A glass-paneled wardrobe space ties the pastel side of the color theme together. There’s even a panel that reflects the zig zag rug, emphasized by indirect lighting that runs down one side.

Visualizer: Vladimir Korsun  

This entry is a little different, demonstrating two distinctive bed options for the same space. The first composition uses a classic four-poster bed with ethereal curtains hanging from the upper frame. This is a classic style, especially suitable for children who haven’t quite outgrown fairytales but still want something that demonstrates a sophisticated style.

Alternatively, this room also looks adorable with the addition of an imaginative treehouse bed – a surefire way to convince younger children to embrace bedtime each night.

Every other aspect of the decor is relatively age-agnostic. A cloud shaped rug, checkered wood floors, and a weightless feathered pendant light are among some of the most unforgettable features.

The unique leaning wall clock is from Ari Kanerva and the sled base chair is the work of Mika Tolvanen, both accomplished Finnish designers. Also note that the rug transformed into a star shape, an alternative to the cloud.

In the corner, the classically inspired birdcage floor lamp by Mathieu Challières underscores the bedroom’s whimsical theme.

Visualizer: Thanh Minh  

Powder blue, pink, and calming lavender serve as a lovely background in this pretty bedroom. But you’ll notice something else too – the textiles completely break away from the main color palette, avoiding the possibility of feeling too “matchy matchy” while also demonstrating that bold wall colors don’t have to limit your choice of accents.

This bedroom has several cool features worth admiring. One is the typographic accent on the wall near the door, an invitation to dance that nobody could turn down.

Unique shelving solutions also catch the eye right away. These little house-shaped shelves match the bed quite well. The colorful wallpaper backing is a touch anyone could add to their favorite shelves.

Visualizer: Mateusz Minkina  

Now let’s take a little break from structured room tours to enjoy this incredible collection of modern designs by Mateusz Minkina. This short series has a few recurring themes, like scaled-down versions of iconic furniture, treehouse-shaped bedframes, and bold modern patterns that define at least one element of each room. Here, you’ll find styles for little boys and girls alike.

Visualizer: Max Shpak  

Finally, let’s close out this post with an awesome superhero-themed bedroom for two enthusiastic youngsters. It has everything! Make sure to check out our big list of superhero home decor to find comic inspired artwork and collectibles you can buy right now, so you can treat your own children (or inner child) to a room that looks as cool as this one.

The wall murals are definitely an admirable touch. Captain America peeks out from behind the incredible jungle gym, and Spider-Man watches over the desks to encourage kids to do their best on homework.

Each bed enjoys a different superhero as well. Framed prints of Batman and Superman represent the favorites of each sibling. Don’t miss the little Batman and Spidey figures on the floor!

Although not superhero-related, the creative cabinets definitely seem to hint at a little LEGO inspiration with the round appliques. This transformation would make a cool DIY project for the weekend!

Did you enjoy the kids’ bedroom inspiration in this post? Stop by the comment section to let us know which ones were your favorite, and don’t forget to share with the design-minded parents in your life.

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